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Siegen WWA: Following our hearts

As the local region’s first inclusive hotel, Hotel Fünf10 is a pioneer in accessible gastronomy. Our idea follows the WWA (Workers’ Welfare Association) mindset of solidarity, which we implement like many companies in and around Siegen. But Fünf10’s philosophy extends far beyond that. We have followed through with our principle of sustainability, because it encompasses the way we treat people, our approach to the environment and its resources, and how we handle food.

On the one hand, it is an expression of our firm belief in giving everyone who comes to us and works with us the freedom to develop their personality. We also nurture particularly personal relationships with one another and consider being respectful and attentive to be a matter of course. At Hotel Fünf10, everyone draws their strength from solidarity. We don’t believe that physical or mental impairments are limiting. We consistently pursue our goal of helping disabled individuals find their way into the primary labour market in everything we do. Simply put, inclusion is something we live and breathe at Hotel Fünf10. We are fair and transparent in all our dealings with one another.

We follow the criteria set out by the Green Table certificate with respect to our responsible attitude towards nature and food. Part of this involves buying food from regional producers, all the while taking seasonality and ecology into account. We use and process animals kept in line with animal welfare guidelines – letting nothing go to waste with our ‘from nose to tail’ approach. We were awarded the Green Table certificate because we also meet its criteria in terms of social commitment. What’s more, we take a resource-conserving and climate-friendly approach too, keeping close to nature in everything we do. That’s why we use home-grown vegetables, plant a wildflower meadow with fruit trees, compost any waste and set up beehives and insect houses so we can also serve up our very own honey.

We also follow zero-waste principles and focus on waste prevention in the first place. We avoid plastic wherever possible, and even use glass straws.

The fact that we consistently implement our principle of sustainability at all levels is living expression of the fact that we follow our hearts in everything we think and do.

What is an inclusion company, really?

The German National Association of Inclusive Companies (‘Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Inklusionsfirmen’, or ‘BAG if’ for short) created a two-minute video that explains the topic really well: